Monday, May 20, 2013

A New Day

     In this painting of 'A New Day', the idea came from the simple L shape of a cliff face and steps located along the trail at The Natural Arch Scenic Overlook in northern McCreary county Ky.  Sometimes, one can get lucky and find a composition already naturally formed in nature.  Otherwise, one has to change the landscape elements to create a pleasing composition.  In the reference photo I used, there was an early afternoon light shining in sunspots on the rocks.  I made changes with that light to depict the time of early morning through a mist.
'A New Day'  10x8  Acrylic on canvas panel

      I love the earthy smell of mornings when the dew has not yet evaporated and the tiny droplets make the landscape appear saturated in color.  Is morning a favorite time a day for you?

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